Monday, March 17, 2008

Finding meaning

Ok -- I think I need to get something off my chest -- this is probably an extension of the art theory discussion.

Consider the image above. In the hands of a skillful art theorist, I'm sure many levels could be projected onto the image. Surely this harkens to the classic Madonna praying imagery. But what does the nudity mean -- is this a debauched Madonna? Surely it speaks to the artist's disillusionment with modern religion. This must be amplified by the gas mask -- a symbol of the toxic society in which we live. The contrast of the white on white (symbolizing purity) must be contrasted with the relatively obscene subject matter -- perhaps signifying the dystopia in women's roles and reflects the photographer's discomfort with the dual conflicting ideals of woman as whore contrasted with woman as Madonna. What do the green eyes mean? Since green reflects envy -- perhaps it speaks to the destructive power of sexuality and how we envy those who feel free to express sexuality while at the same time castigating them.


What do you think it means?


Drucilla said...

I would tend to think that it's more about the contrast within humans themselves. How at one point we existed in a pure, white state but inevitably we become poisoned and corrupted to the extent that we have to put barriers between ourselves and the environment surrounding us.


Anonymous said...

Just realized you had a blog. Maybe the mask is foretelling of a different kind of beauty in the future. Instead of being an ominous sign of the toxic world we live in, maybe it's an example of the adaptations we make and integrate into our society and our image of what's "beautiful." Body piercings, for instance, used to be a sign that you were in the circus; now, they can be very symbolic of sexuality. Just a random thought.