Monday, March 10, 2008

"Dooce" glow

It's been awhile since I last posted. Since this is mostly for myself anyways that's ok. Here's the "Dooce" glow effect. She didn't originate it but that's where I discovered it from so it'll do.

Here's the original photo:


1. Duplicate the image layer
2. Gaussian blur (in this case 19 pixel diameter)
3. Set the blurred layer to blend > multiply
4. Adjust since it'll be darker (I used an adjustment layer here using levels)


Drucilla said...

Ha, I've come to lurk. Also learn things. I'm a reeaaally good lurker.

jtyoung said...

Chuckles. Feel free to pull up a chair and hang around. It's all pretty tame here (unless you count naked people...)

amythia said...

*has sex on JT's blog*

*puts his blog on her blog reader*

*putters around with a cat on her head*

amythia said...

*comes back and slaps a post-it note on the blog*

*it reads the following*