Thursday, March 13, 2008

Art Theory

Ok -- not doing a lot of shooting at the moment as I'm out of town. It's depressing to come from shorts weather to parka weather. Spent a good chunk of the plane ride absorbing two new media art theory books, neither of which I care to enumerate at this moment but suffice to say that I'm convinced that art theorists embody the idea that one talks to hear one's self. I can envision bespectacled, black garbed, pseudo trendy theorists quivering at the thought of doing their verbose treatises as spoken word performances in front of rapt audiences, letting each word flow out in rhythmic repetition. Who are they kidding? I am definitely not a fan of art theory -- I doubt I could use Marx, dialectic, hegemony and valorisation all in one essay let alone one paragraph.

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Drucilla said...

This entry was pretty much amazing. I'm glad you don't like art theorists.