Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Longing (photo of the week project #1)

I've decided to start a new project -- my photo of the week project. The goal of this is to break me out of a creative funk I've had the last little while and to really refine my technique. One of the challenges of a shoot is that it almost feels like I have to cram a ton of photos in. But for this project, the goal of each shoot is to get one concept, one basic pose / position, one lighting approach to produce one image. No more, no less.

This particular photo was inspired by an old Marilyn Monroe photo. While I don't think I captured the same essence -- that's fine. It's not about slavishly copying another photograph but taking the general idea and then transforming it with the essence of the model and the circumstances. I doubt I'll use a reference image for each of these photos but I think it's important to acknowledge influence where influence exists.

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