Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tip: Photoshop Skin Smoothing

I can't remember where I got this technique from but it's pretty simple. To get smoother skin, duplicate your base layer and apply a Gaussian blur to the duplicated layer. Then change the opacity of the duplicated layer show that the base image mostly shows through. This will result in an image that is soft overall. Using your erase (or use a layer mask), delete areas that should be sharp (like eyes, hair and edges). This will result in some flattening of highlights but it's quick and dirty. For an fuller technique, check out the book Skin

Here's an example

ps. This is one of favorite models Marla Singer -- I picked a bad photo to emphasize the effect.

pps. I don't use this a lot -- I'm not a big fan of plasticky skin but on occasion it has its uses.

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